In order to apply for Sole Source type of procurement you need to prove that the product or service you are willing to implement or continue to operate is only possible within your logistics systems. Our approach to prepare a product or service for a sole source type of procurement is based on advanced science by deploying operational requirements into a wide spectrum of field and laboratory testing techniques. We have the know-how and experience to apply all necessary tests that will document product’s sole conformity with the buyer’s operational requirements.

SoleSource Process 012

By applying the Sole Sourcing process, products or services become a sole part of the operational system, guaranteeing necessary level of system quality and enabling military, law enforcement and rescue agencies to maintain long term operational effectiveness.

We examine the products for their physical, neurodynamical and biomechanical influents on operators, and therefore their combat effectiveness. We test the physiological and psychical response of operators when using the product and inspect how well they short, middle and long term operational service to assure the buyer of their superiority, which then allows the product or service to be purchased outside of open tender competition. Once the testing phase is complete and mathematical proceedings are made, we prepare the documentation that lists all the test results. Based on the results, we provide written approvals of the product’s eligibility for sole source procurement.

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